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A Different Kind of Friendship!

friendship bracelet

For a little break from bead embroidery I decided to learn how to make friendship bracelets!

I had never made friendship bracelets before. It wasn’t such a big thing amongst us when I was in school so no one ever bothered making them, the only friendship bracelet I had when I was younger was one I actually bought at a charity!

friendship bracelet stack

I looked up a couple of videos on Youtube and learned the basic knots but I could not for the life of me follow the patterns and understand the instructions they were trying to give. But one of the videos mentioned something about a pattern making program on a friendship bracelet website

 Since I really just wanted to do basic stuff and I had already learnt the 3 different knots used in making the bracelets I decided to give the friendship bracelet pattern generator a try and that was probably the best idea.

 red frienship bracelet

red frienship bracelet

red frienship bracelet detail

The way the generator works is that you choose the number and colour of the threads you want to use and then by clicking on the threads you can choose the types of knots until you get a pattern you like and then you can follow your own pattern. Now having said that I did get a bit confused with some of my own patterns!! 😀

purple crystal friendship bracelet

purple crystal friendship bracelet
purple crystal friendship bracelet detail

I started with the basic candy stripe and then moved on to the chevron pattern. Since it was my first attempts at making friendship, I made one too short I made the next one a little too long, I had no idea how to finish them off and I didn’t like the braiding and knotting method cause I find it hard to knot it around my own hand without help. I made adjustable braided straps and I didn’t like that either so I decided I was going to finish them off with lobster clasps, which meant ordering some cord ends.

But knowing me I couldn’t just leave the bracelets be. I just had to do something to them. I had seen some friendship bracelets with crystal chains on them so I made one of those. Then I decided oh well why not just do any sort of bead mixture. I can use up the odd beads I have leftover this way.

After making a few of these I have learnt a few things: I know how long I should cut my thread to avoid wasting too much of it, how to make knots correctly so I won’t have holes in between the knots and also that I need to buy a pair of rubber pliers for closing the cord ends because all of mine came out scratched after I closed them with normal pliers and that is unacceptable to me specially if I decide to give them away or sell them at some point!

large crystal friendship bracelet

For a 5-inch long friendship bracelet I use about 40 inches of thread with the cord ends and the chain extern added the length of the final bracelets comes to around 9 inches in total.

All in all these friendship bracelets are quite cool. They are really nice stacked together or mixed with other types of bracelets. I usually wear a couple of these with some bangles, thin metal bracelets.

beaded friendship bracelet






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