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Claudia Brooch


Claudia brooch

I have been obsessing somewhat over Lori Earley’s drawings and my mom has been asking me for a while to make a brooch for a friend of hers.

My mom understandably wanted something that suited her friend’s style and personality and to be honest girly, hearts and flowery stuff are not my style. I like skulls and leather and creepy art like Michael Hussar’s drawings and apparently I am the only one around here that appreciates that sort of things cause every time I wear one of my pieces someone comments on how scary they are!! Oh well what can you do.

Out of all the pictures I had printed up for my cabochons “Claudia” was the least cynical and my mom approved of the picture so I started off the beading.

 Claudia brooch


“Claudia” is a graphite on paper sketch so obviously the fact that picture has no colour meant that I didn’t have any colours to try and match my beading to but I wanted to keep the whole thing soft and feminine so I went with the classic silver lined clear beads all the way around the cabochon.

I have to say that a pale cabochon and pale beading did not equal an interesting piece and I didn’t think it would when I was doing it but I was trying to rein myself as much as I could cause this piece wasn’t for me and I tend to go a little crazy with my bead choices sometimes.


Claudia broochClaudia brooch

In the end I can say I really tried to keep it simple but I just couldn’t leave the piece, as it was cause it was just plain boring and Claudia deserved better.

I fished out all the larger beads I had in the black and grey family and stitched them on top of the beading that I had already done. it brought a little bit more contrast to the piece and it made it all the more tactile .

Claudia brooch


I did a simple clean edge around the piece and the piece was finished in no more than a couple of hours!!


Claudia brooch




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