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The hurricane

Two whole days without electricity is enough to drive me crazy and all this time I thought I was made of tougher stuff.
I decided to just stay home yesterday and by 4 in the afternoon The flat had gotten too dark to do any beading! I decided to light up every candle i had . To be honest it did give the flat a nice ambiance and i enjoyed it for about ten minutes until i settled to read a book and the flickering light gave me such headache that I decided to go to bed at 10 , something I have not done in years but what else could I do? Also all the candle fumes had made me look like i had fallen down the chimney . It was very amusing my whole face was covered in soot . Who knew that candles could do that?
All through the night i dreamt of the power being back on . The one dream i remember is me opening the fridge door and seeing its light turning on!! But alas no electricity this morning either and even worse my phone had died. So this morning I set out to just drive around while my phone got charged in the car. I went to the apple store and used their iPhone docks, searched high and low around my area for size D batteries for my flashlight but no one had any left.
By 6 it had gotten too dark and since most of the traffic lights are not working i decided the best thing to do was to head home. On the way back i decided to go to Michael’s and get a pack of those flameless candles . I don’t think continuous candle smoke inhalation would have been any good for me.and I am glad i did cause i ended up buying a table lamp that was battery operated! Hurray
Now here is the part that maybe years from now i will find amusing but today just frustrated me:as i was driving towards my flat i started noticing houses with their lights on.oh my god !could this be??? I drove nearer and nearer to my flat and still there were lights. A bubble of happiness formed in my chest. My building complex is made of two adjoining complexes . Both have the same name and sit back to back but they are not internally connected . So when i drove past the back flats and saw that they had power i was ready to burst from happiness! Even the flats opposite my complex had power!
I think you can guess where i am going with this ! As i turned into my building complex i was engulfed in such total darkness that it took my breath away!
I am really amazed at how much I rely on modern conveniences and how lost i feel without them! I sometimes struggle to see how we used to live without a mobile phone , and phones are quite a new thing by comparison ,I could not even begin to comprehend life without electricity! I
All day i kept thinking that in all those Jane Austen novels when the were having balls and dances at night , they were probably doing it in the darkness because i cannot begin to fathom how many candles were needed to light up those huge ballrooms!! because i had about 22 candles in my small living room and i was still struggling to see anything in front of me?
oh boy! I think i really have lost my marbles a little bit sitting in this dark cold flat!
If any of you are on the west coast and went through this hurricane I hope you are all safe!



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