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I Can Make That!

The weeks before moving to America, I watched a lot of youtube. And I mean a lot! And it was during these endless hours of jumping from one video to the next, trying to find something useful and interesting to watch, that I stumbled on a bead embroidery technique video by Beadaholique. Now I have beading and embellishing garments for as long as I can remember; partly due to my work as a fashion design studio assistant and partly due to my own philosophy that garments without embellishments are just plain boring! Also I don’t think I know of anything else that can calm me down as much as hand sewing does!

I believe it was the combination of the instructor’s soothing voice, crystal clear instruction and striking finished product, that actually involved more hand sewing than any other jewelry making technique, that led me to yell out ” I can make that!!”. And wouldn’t you know it, after watching that and a bunch of other videos my hands were itching to start beading things and I was off to their website to put in an order.

I gave myself a budget not knowing where to start. But that budget was soon out of the window as I started clicking through all the different categories of beads and stones and cabochons. I ordered a bunch of stuff that they were recommending as a starting point and some stones and extra beads that looked interesting to me. I couldn’t wait to get my package and start my bead embroidery adventures. After an agonizing week, the package was on my doorstep and that’s were this beading story began.

But that was a few months ago and since then many more packages have been ordered and quite a few things have been made. Sometimes when I am looking at my older pieces I wonder ‘how did I do that?”. And that made me wish I had documented the making of each piece. But it’s never too late so I am starting that process right now. I will probably go back and forth a little bit in this blog between pieces I am currently working on and pieces I have already done but it I will mainly be aiming to list the items that were used in each piece and how it was put together so that I won’t forget how I made things and hopefully it might serve as an inspiration to whomever might stumble upon this blog.


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