My name is Mana and I am a lover of all things shiny!!  That’s probably why I could never stop myself from embellishing anything and everything I could get my hands on with some sort of beads, sequins or crystals.

I studied fashion design at Winchester school of art, part of the Southampton University before moving up to London to work as Design studio assistant. My favorite job was probably adding all the beadwork to the garments. I found it extremely soothing and if there was ever a garment to be beaded I was the first in line to do that job. Lucky for me the designer I worked for had the same love for surface embellishments as I did.

For me beading had always been a way of enhancing the looks of garments I was working on; but when I moved to the US, I discovered the art of bead embroidery and my whole world changed.

I have only been doing bead embroidery for the past few months and I absolutely love it. I love it so much that I decided to document the progress of my beading endeavors here as a way to keep an archive of my work and more importantly to hopefully inspire other people to give bead embroider a try.

10 responses to “About

  1. Chantelle

    How can I buy your jewelry? I LOVE IT!

    • Hi thank u for your interest! I do sell some stuff on etsy although i need to update my sho but if there is a piece on my blog that u like i can always make it for u ! Keep in mind that the ones with pictures i cant sell due to copyright reason but if u have a picture that you want to be made into a piece u can email it to me and i can make a piece around that for u! 🙂

  2. Laura

    I really like your blog, thank you! I really like the leather/turquoise bracelet. Do you have any tips on how to neatly finish the inside of bracelets? Thanks!

    • Hi Laura, i am so glad you are enjoying the blog. as far as finishing inside the bracelet i always use ultrasuede which i glue to the backing and finish the edges with beads , if you are a beginner i would suggest you search for beadaholique videos on youtube for their bead embroidery tutorials which are very clear and can teach you a lot of the basic techniques they even have one on bracelets. and if you are really interested in doing more beading i would suggest buying some bead embroidery books, if you want let me know and i will recommend the ones that have really been helpful to me!! hope you have fun beading!

  3. Laura

    PS–I know you said you didn’t like the stitches on the faux leather, but I think they add to the design/style/texture–I like it! I would like to make something similar. (complete beginner ; )

  4. Adrienne Smith

    My name is Adrienne and I have recently taken up bead embroidery and beadweaving. My biggest problem is that I need to see the beads and cabochons to get an idea of how I want to put them together, and our local bead shop, though quite nice, doesn’t always have the best selection. Can you tell me where you find some of your items, especially the online sites?

    • Hi Adrienne and welcome to the wonderful world of beading.i completely understand your dilemma . my local bead shop has amazing stuff but my main problem is the pricing but sometimes the convenience of getting something at a store trumps the prices. the first place i ever bought from was http://www.beadaholique.com because their youtube channel was what got me started with beading . even though they have some unique stuff they don’t have everything. the two websites I go to constantly are http://www.fusionbeads.com and http://www.firemountaingems.com .fusion beads has an amazing selection , they have free shipping and their prices are really good.fire mountain probably has the biggest selection of things and the wonderful thing about them is that they send you their huge catalogue after you spend 100 dollars or so which has true to size pictures . so sometimes when i have a piece that i don’t have clasps or findings for i can just put it next to the photo to see how it would look like.the prices on both websites are somewhat similar. delicas,tools,clasps and some swarovski elements are cheaper to get from fire mountain.they both have amazing customer service and fast shipping which i love.nothing worst than waiting for a package to be sent when your fingers are itching to bead.also etsy is the good place to find unique pieces too. i hope this helps you, if you have any more questions please let me know.

      • Adrienne Smith

        Thanks for the reply. I have purchased quite a lot of stuff from Fire Mountain and absolutely love their customer service. I have not tried Fusion, but I have browsed the Beadaholique website and used some of their YouTube tutorials to practice new techniques. Although I should be working I’m probably going to hit both sites now and see what they have.

  5. Hi, I have a small mini painting I have painted on a metal surface. I love the way you framed Mrs. V ( I think that is the name ). How much would you charge to do something like that for a pendant. the piece is about 1.75″. Thank you, Willow Wolfe

    • Hi Willow,

      Thank you so much for your comment. I could actually make the exact same sort of gold and pearl beaded frame since i have all of those beads for 40 dollars. Also you said you wanted it as a pendant do you want a loop that you can put your own chain through?!

      Let me know and i would be more than happy to make that piece for you

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