The hurricane

Two whole days without electricity is enough to drive me crazy and all this time I thought I was made of tougher stuff.
I decided to just stay home yesterday and by 4 in the afternoon The flat had gotten too dark to do any beading! I decided to light up every candle i had . To be honest it did give the flat a nice ambiance and i enjoyed it for about ten minutes until i settled to read a book and the flickering light gave me such headache that I decided to go to bed at 10 , something I have not done in years but what else could I do? Also all the candle fumes had made me look like i had fallen down the chimney . It was very amusing my whole face was covered in soot . Who knew that candles could do that?
All through the night i dreamt of the power being back on . The one dream i remember is me opening the fridge door and seeing its light turning on!! But alas no electricity this morning either and even worse my phone had died. So this morning I set out to just drive around while my phone got charged in the car. I went to the apple store and used their iPhone docks, searched high and low around my area for size D batteries for my flashlight but no one had any left.
By 6 it had gotten too dark and since most of the traffic lights are not working i decided the best thing to do was to head home. On the way back i decided to go to Michael’s and get a pack of those flameless candles . I don’t think continuous candle smoke inhalation would have been any good for me.and I am glad i did cause i ended up buying a table lamp that was battery operated! Hurray
Now here is the part that maybe years from now i will find amusing but today just frustrated me:as i was driving towards my flat i started noticing houses with their lights on.oh my god !could this be??? I drove nearer and nearer to my flat and still there were lights. A bubble of happiness formed in my chest. My building complex is made of two adjoining complexes . Both have the same name and sit back to back but they are not internally connected . So when i drove past the back flats and saw that they had power i was ready to burst from happiness! Even the flats opposite my complex had power!
I think you can guess where i am going with this ! As i turned into my building complex i was engulfed in such total darkness that it took my breath away!
I am really amazed at how much I rely on modern conveniences and how lost i feel without them! I sometimes struggle to see how we used to live without a mobile phone , and phones are quite a new thing by comparison ,I could not even begin to comprehend life without electricity! I
All day i kept thinking that in all those Jane Austen novels when the were having balls and dances at night , they were probably doing it in the darkness because i cannot begin to fathom how many candles were needed to light up those huge ballrooms!! because i had about 22 candles in my small living room and i was still struggling to see anything in front of me?
oh boy! I think i really have lost my marbles a little bit sitting in this dark cold flat!
If any of you are on the west coast and went through this hurricane I hope you are all safe!




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11 responses to “The hurricane

  1. Glad you are OK, I was wondering how badly you had been affected.

    • Thank you! The thing is i couldn’t see much from my flat when the storm was in progress and to be honest it didn’t look that horrible but since the power went out on monday everything is going downhill really. Its the little things you know , like not being to shower. I used up a last of my hot water for shower today and had the brilliant idea of drying my hair with the car heaters turned on high! But now i need to be careful cause gas stations are closed! It is just a domino effect! U think u have solved one problem another ten arises!! I am just hoping it doesn’t take another 10 days for the power to come back!!!

  2. I went for about 6 weeks with no lights in my bedroom because there was a faulty wire and it drove me barmy! I hope you’re doing a bit better now, because being in the cold and dark can’t be fun.

    • It sure is not! How did u manage for 6 wks? was it just the bedroom?I think as much as i miss tv and real non mobile version of the internet , my main problem with this whole mess is the shower situation. The water is freezing and i have short hair which looks like a birds nest in the morning! Suffice it so say i look a mess which should stop me from leaving the house but i just cannot stand sitting in my flat a minute longer than i really have to!!!!:)

      • I do feel for you! Our mains electricity comes in via an overhead cable, and our garden backs onto a wood. Some years ago a strong wind brought down a tree in the wood onto the cable, leaving us and the nearest two houses without power for over a week. Fortunately we have a log burning stove in the dining room and a gas hob so could cook, heat water and keep one room warm, and had camping gear – portable “Gaz” lamps etc. Do you have a friend nearby with power who would let you have a shower at their place? Another thing – try to buy a head torch so you can see when moving around or reading without needing a hand to hold a torch.

      • you know it has been such a vicious cycle i bought a little beading torch because all the other store were out of torches and such and since there is practically no petrol and it is rationed now i can’t risk driving around anymore looking for things! i only know a few people in new jersey and they are all without power but one of them has gas which means they have hot water and that was such a relief cause it means finally a nice long hot shower! i think years from now what i have experienced this week would make funny dinner stories, but its not so much fun living through it at the moment!:)

      • It was just the bedroom, but it was still rather irritating! That’s got to be awful, not being able to shower properly. When I lost hot water a while back, at least I was still able to boil the kettle and get hot water that way.

  3. Ghazale

    You should wear that hat we bought on Oxford street 🙂 I can’t believe you still don’t have your electricity back specially since other building near you do 😦 Hang in there xx

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