Leila Brooch

I do enjoy the darker side of things, but just so I won’t get too comfortable with things I try from time to time to do something a little bit more light and airy.

You can never go wrong with a Lori Earley painting. I mean no matter what you do around the piece; it’s going to look gorgeous cause her stuff are just beyond beautiful.

Leila is a beautiful blue-eyed, blonde girl and to complement her complexion I went with my trusted gold and pearl pallet. To me Leila brooch is the younger less sinister sister of the Ms.V brooch I posted a while back.

She has a softer look and she doesn’t have that evil look that I see in Ms.V’s eyes.

 After a simple bezel work, I went with a staggered pearl effect around the cabochon and then finished off the piece with an alternating stacked edge.

In order to compliment her cool tone and blue eyes I did use a gold amethyst colour bead very sparingly around the cabochon also the pinkish crystals used around the edge give a slight bluish sparkle which ties everything together very nicely.


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