Faux Dichroic Necklace

I have finally been able to get my hands on pictures of my earlier pieces. Earlier this year my mom came to stay with me for a while to take care of me while I was recovering from surgery and any piece I made during that time that she expressed any interest in I would give to her, so I don’t have access to them with us living on two different continents and all.

But I was able to convince my photographer friend, Sanaz, to take pictures of the pieces saying it would be good practice for her as well: D

 faux dichroic necklacefaux dichroic necklace

Before I started doing beading I went through a resin and clay phase. After starting bead embroidery I started using clay and resin for making cabochon. I decided early on against clay cabochon as I just didn’t like the effect and glazing them was such a messy process that I gave up, but resin I like, except for the wait time.

Before I started putting pictures in resin, I started with glitter and then moved on to making these faux dichroic pieces.  Dichroic glass pieces are very beautiful but I haven’t been able to find them anywhere in shops. I am a bit hesitant to order these types of patterned cabochon online because the pieces are very different from each other, the picture on the website can be nothing like what you will end up getting. For this sort of cabochon I would rather buy them in person to choose the ones I like. Since I couldn’t find any I made the resin version.

faux dichroic necklace

The concept of this piece was to practice the bezel work around the cabochon. After gluing the resin cabochon on I sewed on a row of glass beads with a seed bead in between each in order to allow for me to pass the needle through for the next step, which was adding the gold seed beads. I added 7 size 15/0 seed beads onto my needle and went through each of the size 11/0 seed beads I had sewn in between the larger glass beads. After this stage was finished all that was left to do was to close the work, which was done by putting 4 size 15/0 seed beads on to the needle and sewing through the middle gold seed bead, and pull tight.

faux dichroic necklace

Had I not run out of pin backs this piece was destined to become another brooch but since I had, it was decided it would be best if I made this into a necklace.

I didn’t have any necklace making components such as clasps and other things so this had to be something I could slide on a chain or ribbon or cord.

faux dichroic necklace

I made some loops on the top to allow for a cord or chain to go through and finished off the edge by doing a picot type edge while using a larger rondelle bead rather than just seed beads.

 faux dichroic necklace



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