Crystal and Turquoise Bracelet Finished

turquoise and crystal bracelet

I was finally able to finish the large turquoise bracelet I was working on.and here is how the piece turned out:

Crystal and Turquoise Bracelet

Crystal and Turquoise Bracelet

The beading part went by quite quickly. After finishing the bezel and adding the crystal chain I added the two smaller turquoise beads to the side of the piece and a larger crystal cabochon in the middle and started filling the rest out with different types of beads I had pulled from my stash. I tried to incorporate some of beads that I hadn’t used before without going too overboard.

Crystal and Turquoise Bracelet

Crystal and Turquoise Bracelet

The part that took the longest for me was figuring out the fastening. I knew I wanted to make the beaded part big enough to cover only half of the wrist so that I could use chains to make up the rest of the bracelet. I bought a couple of different types of silver chains and decided on using the thinnest one I had purchased.

Crystal and Turquoise Bracelet

I haven’t had any jewelry making training and I am just trying to figure things out as I go along so it takes me a little while to come up with something that I feel I am going to be happy with.

Crystal and Turquoise Bracelet

Crystal and Turquoise Bracelet

For the clasp I had wanted to use a lobster clasp with a chain extender on the other side so that the bracelet would be adjustable but then I would have had to cut the chains really short which would have taken from the effect that the chains were making so I decided against the lobster clasp and went with a toggle clasp instead which made the bracelet tight enough that it would sit right on the wrist.

 Crystal and Turquoise Bracelet


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2 responses to “Crystal and Turquoise Bracelet Finished

  1. Another fantastic piece! I love your use of chain at the clasp.

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