Skull and Rose Brooch

skull and rose brooch

I have been struggling lately coming up with designs for my bead embroidery. I have been sketching trying to come up with things but none of them really pulled me in to try and start a piece. So I decided to just start a piece and see where it takes me.

skull and rose brooch

I chose my favorite type of subject,” skulls”. This skull is a painting by Scott Sceidly called “Billie”.

If I don’t have a plan in mind I usually decide what to after my bezel work is done by placing different stones and cabochon around the piece to figure out the next step. Once I was done with the bezel I decided to add another cabochon to the piece but instead of putting it on the bottom where I usually do I decided it was time for me to shake it up a bit so I moved it to the side!! For someone who likes things to be symmetrical this is a huge step!!:D

skull and rose brooch

After sewing on a couple of rows of beads around the smaller blue goldstone cabochon and adding a few rows to the main cabochon, I still felt that the piece needed something to give it a little bit more pizzazz if you will!

skull and rose brooch


I added all the marguerites I had left over, around the piece, concentrating most of them around the smaller cabochon and the opposite side of the piece.

skull and rose brooch

skull and rose brooch

Now at this point I was really chuffed with the piece. it had exceeded my expectation more so because I had no expectations to begin with 😀

To finish the piece off I went with something a little different for the edge work by using different size of bugle beads on the edge.

skull and rose brooch


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2 responses to “Skull and Rose Brooch

  1. Just found your site…wow! Love this piece!

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