Red Lotus Brooch

 red lotus brooch

Now that I am looking back at the pieces I have been making this past few months and writing about them in detail, I am amazed to see that I have chosen one artists work more than any other to do beading around and that artist is Natalie Shau.When I choose the image for my focal piece I don’t pay any attention to whose work I am necessarily choosing, I go by the gut feeling of maybe the image can inspire my beading,
 The works of Natalie Shau I have done beading around have all been different from each other but I am guessing that the underlying feeling of the pieces is something I am inherently drawn to and that’s why I have probably done 6-7 pieces around her paintings.

red lotus brooch

The image in this brooch comes from an album art she has done for “the cradle of filth”. I couldn’t find a title for this painting anywhere but the woman in the painting looks very medusa like even though the hair is not made of snakes, but I guess that’s what it reminds me of.

For the beading part of this piece I wanted to go with something grand, something that resembled royal crown jewels to be more specific. The image is so disturbing that putting it in a classy jewel setting was odd enough for me to be interesting.

 red lotus brooch

I looked at a lot of crown jewels and simplified some of the patterns that were used in them and came up with some designs.  I was settled on a design that most resembled a lotus flower shape and  I drew it on my backing and started to fill it out. I used mostly the lazy stitch to cover the piece (because of the small spaces and the odd angles I had to fill out) except for where I was sewing definite bead lines where I used the trusty two-bead backstitch.

red lotus brooch

Once the edges were cleaned up, in order to make the design more reminiscent of crown jewel-like designs I used some crystals and fringe beads to act as accent drops from the points I had created in the shape to complete the look.

red lotus brooch


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4 responses to “Red Lotus Brooch

  1. Michi of Delphina Luxe

    Your work is so amazing. Are you planning to open a shop? I’m sure so many people would love the pleasure of owning one of these lovely brooches! I know I would!

  2. to be honest I would love to be able to sell the stuff, but I don’t really know how to even start and go about it.
    if you want any of the pieces let me know!

    • Michi of Delphina Luxe

      That would be absolutely amazing! All of your work is so beautiful it would be hard to chose, but if I had to pick I’d go with either your Viva La Muerta Brooch or the cool black and red shoe clips you posted a week or so back.

      Have you ever looked into selling on etsy? I feel like that would be the perfectly place for your work.

      • awww thank you, your comments really made my day today!
        I haven’t tried selling my beaded stuff on etsy yet, last time i tried to sell things on etsy nothing really happened!!:D
        the shoe clips I had made for my mom but I can see if I can find the same cabochon and make them for your if you are interested but the”viva la muerte” brooch is available.if you are interested email me at and I am sure we can work something out.

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