Turquoise Brooch

 turquoise brooch


I try to some sort of beading every night otherwise I can feel myself getting lazy and to be honest I get this tingling feeling in my fingers that can only be eased by doing some sort of sewing or crafting!


turquoise brooch

 I work on one piece at a time and I try to spend as much time as I can on it to get it to a certain point, or even finish the piece off if possible, because once I get going I come up with ideas a lot easier and faster. Sometimes when I leave a piece and go back to it later my train of thought is broken and it takes me a while longer to get back into the groove of things, so when it is possible I try to do a piece in one sitting which sometimes means beading all through the night and going to bed at a crazy hour like 5am!!


turquoise brooch


I wanted to make something today but I didn’t want to think about it too much. Brooches usually take up a couple of hours for me to finish so I decided on a brooch and when it came to choosing a focal image I went with an image I was familiar with and I knew I could easily work with.

I chose another painting by Fernando Vicente called “Interiores”. I chose this image because not only is it beautiful but since I had already done another piece with similar colours I knew I had a good selection of turquoise colour beads to work with.


turquoise brooch


I kept this extremely simple. Once I had the bezel done I did a row of larger size beads and after that I wanted to use faceted glass beads but the size of the beads were such that if I went all the way around the piece there would be a gap that was too large to ignore and too small to fit another bead in so I went around half the piece.


 turquoise brooch


 I could have finished off the piece at that point as well but I decided that adding a little bit extra wouldn’t hurt so I added a smaller cabochon with similar colours to the bottom and repeated the beading around it. I did a clean edge using the same colours I had used in the bezel to finish off the piece.

 turquoise brooch



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