The Pink Bow Brooch

the pink bow brooch

For every crazy, over the top piece that I make I try to balance it out with a simpler more restrained piece.

When I was studying fashion at Uni usually the more over the top pieces would get all the attention so we all tried to outdo one another but there is definitely something to be said about simpler things.

I was utterly surprised when this piece out of all the pieces I had made got the most attention between friends and family. I have to say the whole piece was so quick, easy and simple to make, that I was shocked it was evoking any sort of emotion.

the pink bow brooch

I remember sitting down saying to myself that I wanted to make something simple but I just didn’t want to do a couple of rows around the main cabochon. So once I had the cab glued on my foundation I drew out a bow on the bottom of it and started beading.

The picture in this piece is another Lori Earley painting called “Lee, The Pink Sheep”. The name was a clue as to what colour I should start with and I decided I didn’t want any fuss with this piece so I stuck with pink and black. For just a little bit of sparkle and to define the knot in the bow I used a Hotfix crystal in the middle of the bow.

the pink bow brooch

the pink bow brooch

To finish off the piece I did a did a clean edge using the black hex beads I had used but when I got to the bow part those beads were simply too big and wouldn’t fit so I changed it up to size 15 round seed beads to finish up the edges around the bow. I have to point out that sewing beads to cover up the edges in these narrow corners is not an easy task and it doesn’t always look that clean but I have found out that if I use smaller size beads to finish off the edge they will usually get covered by the larger beads in the last row of the actual bead work so the piece doesn’t look bad at all.

the pink bow brooch

the pink bow brooch

I gifted this piece to my mom. She had asked to use it a couple of times and I thought it was only appropriate for her to have it. But my mom doesn’t live in the US and I really needed pictures of this brooch for my little blog so I would like to thank my lovely friend, Sanaz, for taking these photos for me. She drives me nuts most of the time but I love her to bits. Thank you for helping me out Sanaz!!

the pink bow brooch



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