A Desolate Brooch!

desolation brooch

Today my camera decided to give me attitude. No matter which way I turned it or how I adjusted the settings it did not want to take a good picture of this brooch and I am sorry the quality of these pictures are not that great.

desolation brooch

I work better with darker colours as I have mentioned before. I find that I am less critical of my work when I used darker colours and that is probably because my brain has been better trained to work with darker colours. But I don’t want all the pieces I make to look the same so I have been experimenting more and more with the silhouettes I was looking at ornate mirrors when I came up with the design for this brooch. Also the curves on the top part of the brooch go hand in hand with the design on the face of the girl in the picture.

The main image in this brooch is from a piece called “Desolation” by Natalie Shau. I am not sure what medium she has used for this piece. The woman looks too realistic to be a painting but there are some artists that you can’t really tell if their work is a painting or a photograph when you look at it. I am not sure if this piece is a photo ,a painting or is mixed media,  but the detail in it is amazing , but it unfortunately doesn’t come through in my pictures but you can see the actual picture here:  http://natalieshau.carbonmade.com/projects/3192174#22

desolation brooch

Usually when I do my beading I like to stick with the two-bead backstitch technique only because in my limited experience they give clean lines and I can cover the whole surface without leaving any gaps with this method. But I find it really hard to do the two-bead backstitch to fill in small spaces so after consulting my beading book  I went with a mixture of picot stitch and lazy stitch to fill the small spaces. As much as I like a picot edge I am not a big fan of the picot stitch. I don’t like the texture it creates (it reminds me of woolly carpets and I was never a fan of those either!!) but it is very effective in filling up small spaces and covering up the backing.

I did a sunshine edge all around so that I could do some edging but when I was done I just didn’t think I needed an edging but the top part felt really heavy and decorated compared to the bottom part of the piece so I ended up adding the dangling part to the bottom to balance the piece out.

 desolation brooch


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