Crystal Macrame Bracelet

crystal macrame bracelet

So this is going to be a very quick post!Every summer I go in search of dainty bracelets to wear stacked on top of each other. I love the way some people have an innate ability to mix metals and friendship bracelets and make it look really cool. I for one have never been good at passing that sort of style off but that hasn’t really stopped me from attempting to mix up different bangles and friendship bracelets especially now that I have started making my own stuff.

I started with the simplest of things .a simple bracelet with a macramé knotted sliding closure. The whole purpose behind this bracelet was to learn the macramé knot, which was something I knew nothing about.

crystal macrame bracelet

I chose a beautiful swarovski crystal as my focal point, the thinnest cording I could find and some size 8 seed beads to make this bracelet.

I looped two long pieces of cord around the crystal and then slid on my beads which was believe me the hardest part of the process as the hole inside the bead was not big enough to accommodate the double cord but luckily the beads were not that uniform in size so every so often I could find one with a larger whole that would let both cords get through. I also put a little bit of glue on the ends of the cord so they would be stiffer and act as a needlepoint so that they would slide through easier.

crystal macrame bracelet

When all the beads were strung I started on my macramé knot. The first few times I tried it the knots kept twisting and I couldn’t figure out why but I finally found a great set of instructions online that told me what I was doing wrong and after that the knot proved to be very easy.

To finish it off I cut the extra cord, added a small seed bead to the end of the cord and knotted them and voila the bracelet was done!







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18 responses to “Crystal Macrame Bracelet

  1. I bead and fuse as well as play at Lampworking but this was so simple I am so tired of making beaded bracelets everyone say they like but do not wear them so I shall start making them with Leather and silver for men lol

    • oh I know exactly what you mean!! the only person I can get to wear my stuff is my mom!lol ,the good thing about these simpler stuff is that they are quick to make but the process is still enjoyable and they are probably easier to sell,if you want to sell your stuff. I love leather and silver cuffs for men , looking forward to seeing what you make! is lampworking hard? it looks like it is very difficult!

      • Thanks my Mom has so many of my beaded projects too! They will always love us 🙂

        Lampworked beads a hard but easy lots to learn on fuel and air mixture staying in the flame oops not so close lol my poor teacher thought I was going to get burnt

        I have a lot of money tied up into shop and I never go out to the barn to play like before maybe I will when temps are no longer so hot out there and make a ton of beads before it gets too cold lol

        You should take a class we can use our other skills to make a pretty pice with our own 1 to 3 beads 🙂

        I will show you as I get new things done been just making earrings for one place and painting the house before the fall chill arrives so many irons in the fire now to pass my mandrel through the flame 🙂


      • you know I have a knack for burning myself very easily but the whole idea of being able to make my own beads is just so attractive I might muster up the courage to face the flames if i can find classes near me.i am looking forward to seeing your stuff and good luck with the house painting when I was in art school we had to paint the whole school at the end of the year to get it ready for the next year students ,i couldn’t move for days after that!!:D

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog today. Your work is sooo beautiful!

  3. Shelle

    I absolutely LOVE this bracelet. But I’m not a crafty girl 😦 Do you have a site where you sell your jewelry?

  4. Maricel Lam

    Hi, beautiful bracelet. I have also had problems with macrame. Where did you find the set of instructions that helped you? Thanks so much and thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Charles Severns

    This bracelet is gorgeous!!!! I did a search for something different and came across your work. Is this something that you are selling?

    • Thank you so much! I did actually sell this particular bracelet a few years back . I am on vacation right now but i can let you know once i am back if it is possible to make it again if you are interested

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