The Crown of Ms.V

the crown of ms.v

You know how sometimes you want to make something super special and whatever you think of doesn’t seem special enough. This is how I felt about this piece.

 I fell in love with the works of Lori Earley when I saw her work in Hi-Fructose magazine a few years ago and this painting titled “Ms. V” was on the cover. There is something about her work that really draws me in. the women are so unusual yet beautiful and there is something somewhat sinister about them which I really like. They are beautiful but dark and mysterious. If you are interested in seeing more of her work you can visit her website at:

the crown of ms.v

I wish I knew the story behind this painting but to me Ms. V is very regal and the painting is gorgeous enough so it doesn’t need that much in terms of embellishments but I wanted it too be special and different from the other things that I have made. I racked my brain for a couple of days to come up with a plan for this piece.

the crown of ms.v

I mentioned that I really thought Ms. V looked regal and what is more regal than a crown. The shape I set out creating around the cabochon is reminiscent of a crown in a way. In keeping with the theme I used my favorite gold seed beads and various pearls.

the crown of ms.v

I drew on my crown shape around the cabochon on my foundation to give me an idea of the boundaries I should be working in. After doing my bezel row and a second row of beading all the way around the cab I started on the Crown Point where I used alternating gold and white pearls.

the crown of ms.v

I liked the colours and everything was matching really well but I wanted the crown part more pointed and adding another row of the same pearls wasn’t giving me the effect I was after. The good thing is for some reason I seem to have white pearls in every size and to be honest I am not even sure I have come to own so many different sizes of pearls. I have never been a big fan of pearls but to be completely honest with you they have been great assets in this bead embroidery journey. Every time I have wanted to add a bit of sophistication to the work, or have wanted introduce a new element to my work but not knowing what to actually add, I have turned to these pearls and they seem to go with practically anything, so I am chuffed to bits with them!!!!

the crown of ms.v

I was ready to cut around the piece and finish it off when I had done the top part but on second inspection I thought I it could really do with something on the bottom part to balance the piece and that’s why I added the round part on the bottom. I had an idea of hanging a teardrop pearl from the bottom so that in the end it would look more triangular rather than rounded and mirror what was going on up top but I could not find my teardrop pearls anywhere so I had to improvise and make a shape that somewhat resembled a teardrop shape with the stuff I had on hand and that’s how I came up with the concoction on the bottom. And I think all in all it worked out great. But now I have to go find those teardrop pearls!!!

 the crown of ms.v

the crown of ms.v

To finish off the work completely I added a picot edge only to the top part of the beading to add to the “crown” part and I love how dainty the edge looks.

the crown of ms.v


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4 responses to “The Crown of Ms.V

  1. That brooch is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

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