white embellished shirt

 white embellished shirt

I have been seeing a lot of shirts with embellished collars around and I have wanted one but unfortunately none of the ones I liked came in my size. Then I thought well I have all these beads and stones why not just make my own.

white shirt

white embellished shirt

I bought a Tommy Hilfiger shirt that I liked and I just placed some crystals and beads on one side of the collar randomly and then tried to repeat the exact pattern on the other side of the collar.

The shirt collar is not completely symmetrical and one side is about a couple of millimeters longer and wider than the other so the beadwork is not exactly the same on both sides, but it is close enough and you wouldn’t be able to notice the difference unless you were really focusing on the beadwork.

white embellished shirt

 I used a variation of crystals and pearls in different sizes. To fill up the gaps I used gold and silver bugle and hex cut beads .I also used an assortment of different dark gold /bronzy beads to pick up on the thread colour that is used all through the shirt and to bring a pop of colour and break the monotony of white on white as well as make the collar stand out a little bit more.

 white embellished shirt


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6 responses to “white embellished shirt

  1. Now I could do this on a shirt for Mom for Christmas never thought of just a little right there at her neck she has beautiful silver hair Thanks for the inspiration

    I need to branch out and make all kinds of beaded items

    • I am so glad you found this useful , its such quick fun project. I would love to see what you come up with!

      • Her birthday is in late October so maybe a pretty shirt with Black and Orange and Crystals too then again she likes soft pinks too 🙂

        I better comb the internet for just the right mix!

        Thanks again for a great gift idea for her as she is in her mid 70’s and hard to buy for but she loves things I make for her 🙂

  2. nothing ever beats a handmade gift , the thought alone is worth more than anything one could buy. i think a soft pink shirt with some bead work around the neck would be gorgeous , make with pearls and crystals and a couple like more special stones sewn in between like tourmaline or opal which are the birthstones for the months of october!! the thing with black and orange is that it is geared more toward halloween but her birthday is october but then again she might be limited as to when she can wear it! but i am sure whatever you make it will be lovely and she is going to love it!

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