A Turquoise Bracelet

A Turquoise Bracelet

I have wanted to do a bracelet for a while. To be honest I held back from making one because I thought the project would be too big for me. But rings and bracelets are probably the two types of accessories I tend to use the most so I said to myself that when I find a picture or a stone that I would like as a centerpiece, I would make myself a bracelet.

A Turquoise Bracelet

A while later while skimming through some art magazine, I came across the works of Spanish artist Fernando Vicente. I knew immediately that I had found what I was looking for to use in my bracelet. Going through Vicente’s work, I was amazed at what I saw. His anatomy paintings are just ingenious and I had a hard time choosing which image to use as my focal image. They are just all so beautiful and to make it even better they are already drawn inside a circle, which means no cropping!!!

A Turquoise Bracelet

I settled for this image, which is called “Presentimiento” from his “Vanitas” collection. I like that the work is somewhat eerie but it still looks so beautiful.I made the cabochon and did a simple bezel around it. I used some of the beautiful turquoise seed beads but since I didn’t have enough for all three components I was making I had to alternate it with the green faceted beads from the bead gallery, which was lucky because it added a lot of sparkle.

A Turquoise Bracelet

The focal points in the two side components are from these stud earrings that I just cut the backs off. I used the same design that I had done to go around the element to make the piece cohesive.

A Turquoise Bracelet

After that I had to figure out how to connect all the pieces together. I wanted a three-strand bracelet but the spacer and the clasp that I had on hand had 5 holes in them so I just had to make the adjustments to be able to use the pieces I had. After everything was connected together I did a picot edge around all the three pieces so that they would have a nicely finished edge.

A Turquoise Bracelet


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