Blue Crystal Earrings

blue crystal earring

I love blue!! I mean I luhhhhhhhve blue! I think apart from black blue is the only other colour I am comfortable wearing and working with! I have accumulated a large collection of blue beads, stones and cabs within the past couple of months so I just really wanted to use them and since I have been working on making earrings I set out to make a pair of blue earrings!

blue crystal earring

Following up my theme of not being able to stop myself when choosing beads, I said to hell with it I am going to use any type of bead I want in these. Who knows it might even prove to be interesting.

 I had an idea of the cabs I wanted to use in this piece but after that I was clueless. I glued on my first cabochon, which was the lighter blue cab. And this cabochon is OMG beautiful. I can’t describe the colour but to me it’s the perfect blue and it has different hues of blue, navy, silver and green when the light hits it. its just a magnificent piece, too bad that it is one of those vintage pieces that is hard to come by. But I am keeping an eye out for these on my favorite websites.

blue crystal earring

After doing a row of variegated blue seed beads around the cab, I glued on my second cabochon, the small navy blue one with specs of gold.I had specifically bought this piece for another piece I was working on, but this cab came in a pack of four so I had two extra ones to play with and that’s how they ended up here.I decided from early on that instead of the smaller cab being on the top part of the earring I wanted to be on the bottom just so it would be different. I used the same seed beads I had already sewn around the oval cabochon to go around the circle one.

blue crystal earring

It was after this row that I went all crazy. I practically tried on every bead in the blue and silver colour family I owned which I had not previously used on any other piece to see which ones I liked. And because blue is a favorite colour I liked almost all of them. It’s a good thing that I ended up vetoing some because knowing me I would have ended up using them all on this earring.

 You can see the beads I ended up choosing in these pictures. But then when it was all done I felt the piece looked too flat and one-dimensional. I had such high hopes for the piece that I felt a little bit disappointed.

blue crystal earring

I went trough my whole stash to see what I could add to salvage this piece. That’s when I ended up using the swarovski marguerites to make the piece more interesting and bring in some different colours. But in the end the way to make anything look better is to add on some swarovski, I mean these crystals to me are like bacon, they just go with anything. I love these earrings now, they are about 5 cm long and the shape reminds me of those Russian nesting dolls or a ladybug for some reason and I think it’s just the cutest little earring ever.So I guess today’s lesson was: when in doubt add crystals!!

blue crystal earring

For some reason I could not get the lighting right for these pictures and I am not sure if these photos to the earrings justice but i really hope you can enjoy them.

blue crystal earring back



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