Gold Glitter Brooch

gold glitter brooch

When I made my silver brooch I couldn’t not make a gold one!!! I mean logic dictated that I should !!:D

gold glitter brooch

gold glitter brooch

I think one of my main issues is that I want to use every single type of bead that I have in every piece that I do, I just can’t help it .I can’t seem to be able edit myself sometimes so I did go a little bit crazy wanting to really use these 6mm pyrite beads that I had gotten that I think are just the bomb but firstly I really did not think that 6mm would be that huge (trust me these are) and secondly they are quite heavy.

I sewed them on but they just didn’t work. So I just had to take them off.

gold glitter brooch

gold glitter brooch

I played around with some other beads I think I just thought I had to keep adding but nothing worked so I conceded to leaving the piece be after the rows of pearls. Which is a good thing .if I am unable to edit myself then I am glad that my limited variety of beads did the editing for me.

The brooch is very simple. It’s a gold glitter resin cabochon, set in a white and gold bezel followed by two rows of pearls.

gold glitter brooch

gold glitter brooch

I did a sunshine edge around the piece just in case I wanted to add an edging or hang some fringes from the piece but I haven’t gotten around to doing that. I might do a white and gold picot edge just to add a bit of golden accent to the edge to mirror what is going on in the middle, if I do I will update this post with new pictures. But for now I hope you can enjoy this piece.

 gold glitter brooch

List of materials used

•                MATSUNO OPAQUE WHITE BEADS NO 743


•                3MM WHITE PEARLS

•                4MM WHITE PEARLS



•                BLACK ULTRASUEDE

•                1.5 INCH BASE METAL PIN BACK

•                FIRELINE 0.006 THREAD IN CLEAR

•                LACY’S STIFF STUFF

•                E-600 GLUE


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