The First Bead Embroidery Attempt!

Working with colour has never been in my comfort area. I find it hard to visualize the end product when I have to work in colour and that doesn’t give me the confidence I need to start a piece of work. That was probably the whole idea behind why I chose to do my final collection in tones of silver/grey and black. I knew I could make it look good to me and at that point that was enough to give me confidence to see the whole project through and most importantly feel good about what I was doing and really believe in it.

So to get started in learning to bead embroider I ended up eliminating the challenge of dealing with colour and opted for variations of grey. I had a few different shades of silver beads and honestly I couldn’t decide the order in which to use them. Also I was too excited and wanted to use them all at once. After gluing on my cabochon to my backing I arranged the different beads I had around the cabochon to give me an idea of how to start. After changing the position of the beads I ended up with this sequence that I was happy with:

I followed the instructions form the Beadaholique to get the first row going and I also did a bezel row on top of the first row using size 15 delica beads. After that I was really hooked, I kept adding one row after the other. As I said before nothing is more relaxing to me than hand sewing!

My aim when I started this piece was to turn it into a shoe brooch. My mom had seen some cute rhinestone shoe brooches in shops but when she went to buy them they were all missing a couple of rhinestones so I told here I would make her a pair. But in my over zealous attempt to get this bead embroidery journey underway I made the piece a little larger than in should have been if it were to function as a shoe brooch. This piece measures 6.5×6 cm and I was too proud of my first piece to start taking it apart! Here is the look at the finished bead embroidered piece:

Here is another view:

Now all I all need to do is figure out how to use this piece!!!


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