Pearl Shoe Clips

Pearl Shoe Clips

The story behind this piece starts with a trip to Target!!!

I have to say I Love Target. It’s probably one of the only stores left where  I can still go and actually buy DVDs from. On one such outing to a nearby target store I separated myself from my mom to go perusing through the DVD isles while she took her time going through the rest of the store!

Once we regrouped my mom showed me these two shoe clips that she had found. The idea of shoe clips/brooch is nothing new but its not really something I have seen that often. A couple of stores sell them from time to time or you can find handmade ones on the Internet. Target had a couple of different designs but the ones my mom found had big chunky stones on them but every one of them was missing a piece. Since she really liked them we looked all over and were finally able to find a pair that was fully intact. We went exploring in a couple of other Target shops but we couldn’t find anymore of them!

Pearl Shoe Clips

Finally I gave up and told my mom that I would make her a pair using her favorite medium: Pearls!!!

The shoe clips are very easy to make, it is exactly like making earrings you just have to make an identical pair in certain size so that it would not be too big for the shoe. My only problem was finding the actual clasp that I could use to make the pair in to shoe clips.

I was able to find a couple of people on Etsy selling individual pairs for a couple of dollars but with the added charge of postage they would usually come up to about 6-7 dollars for a pair which to me was a bit excessive. Since we were planning on a little trip into NYC that week anyway, I decided to hold back and check out the bead shops in the city. I might be able to get lucky and if not I could always order off Etsy.

Pearl Shoe Clips

Pearl Shoe Clips

We went straight into the Toho store on Sixth Avenue. I have fond memories of this stores from way back .the first time I ever came to NYC was during my last year at UNI and I stumbled on to this store by accident trying to find shelter from the rain and I ended up buying a couple of things as samples for my final collection so this store still reminds me of that time even though it’s been a couple years since I have graduated!

Pearl Shoe Clips

At first I really didn’t think I would find any of these shoe clips in the store and I kept going round and round looking into all those little plastic cubes holding beads and such but just as I was about to give I found them for $1 a pair. I am so glad I held off ordering them off the Internet. I bought a few pair and my mom chose a couple of other cabochons she wanted made into more shoe brooches and then we were off!

Pearl Shoe Clips

These shoe clips are some of the first pieces of usable accessories that I ever made back in February when I started beading. Before this I used to make just beaded patches and sew them onto different things like my beaded gloves. Also At that point in time I only had a few different types of beads and I used nearly all of the in this piece.

Pearl Shoe Clips

The good thing about these shoe clips is that you can transform any shoe. If you are in the mood for fancier pair of shoes you can slap these pieces on and if you are not you can just simply take them off and you have your pair of plain shoes back and they don’t leave any marks or dents on the shoes and you can put them anywhere on the shoe to change things up!

Pearl Shoe Clips



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